From Poland to the Czech Republic, Slovakia to Hungary, Prologis employees got busy helping people and organizations in need. Activities included painting, building and gardening.

Poland helps those affected by autism
Polish employees volunteered at the Synapsis Foundation, an organisation that provides professional help to children and adults with autism. The team gave the foundation
a facelift, did some gardening and freshened up the therapy rooms.

Children in need get a hand in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
Brightening up a flat for children in a state of transition kept the Czech and Slovak teams busy. They helped out at the Kangaroo Center Laskova, which provides a home-like environment for children until they can either be reunited with their parents or placed in permanent foster care. The home looked like new after the Prologis team cleaned, painted and donated five new divan beds.

Hungary puts its green thumbs to work
The nature lovers from the Hungarian team worked hard at the Vácrátót botanical garden. They took on many projects, including building fences and wooden bins, renovating a bridge, painting poles and general clean-up of paths. Vácrátót boasts more than 150 different animals and many plant species.

"Prologis has always been a strong supporter of charitable work both at the company and individual level. Our employees appreciate the opportunity to volunteer as a team,” said Martin Polak, senior vice president and regional head, Prologis CEE. “IMPACT Day connects employees with our social mission, and is one way our employees around the world can participate in our charitable initiatives.”

Globally, some 1,500 Prologis employees participated in IMPACT Day, including 70 colleagues from the CEE region. IMPACT Day emphasises the company’s core values of Integrity, Mentorship, Passion, Accountability, Courage and Teamwork.

In addition to IMPACT DAY, Prologis gives employees 24 additional hours of paid time off each year to volunteer at non-profit organisations: 16 hours for company-sponsored charitable events and 8 hours for the non-profit of the employee’s choice.

With its active engagement in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia and a portfolio totalling 4.3 million square metres, Prologis is the leading provider of distribution facilities in Central and Eastern Europe (as of 31 March 2016).



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