Attracting wide interest from municipalities, investors, private capital, developers and beyond - this is the perfect setting to talk growth and possibility.

For many, it’s a staple calendar event and a great chance to network and pulse out what’s happening in the European logistics market. For us it’s a chance to exchange ideas, explore opportunity and reaffirm the value of enduring relationships. We have a keen and capable team attending, who are ready to connect, share market-leading insight and find common ground.

Plenty of touchpoints

We’ve put together a useful engagement programme for EXPO REAL, to help get conversations flowing. In short though - we create shareholder value with a strategically allocated operating portfolio of desirable Class-A facilities, unmatched development capabilities and forward-looking management of capital. We freely share meaningful and leading insight on investment and development opportunities. We are focused on our future together, supported by a culturally driven vision towards true real estate innovation.

Panel discussion - Stay ahead of what’s next with a clear picture of what’s happening in our industry. We take care to track, monitor and analyze the trends that shape our sector, and for good reason – to make sure that our customers can take informed business decisions in the markets that they operate in. Tune in to our hosted panel ‘Logistics in Europe: Getting Ready for the Next Phase’ and gain a global perspective from seasoned investors.

Networking – To help wind down after a long day of meeting and transacting, we invite our stakeholders, partners and colleagues to pick up with like-minded business leaders at the end the day, to enjoy a good conversation in good company, over fine refreshments.

Career day – Logistics real estate is one of the most sought-after asset classes for investors. The European logistics real estate market is growing steadily, driven by structural shifts toward global trade, changes in consumer behaviour, e-commerce growth and the reconfiguration of supply chains, in a word – exciting! The industry is also fundamentally changing and we’re at EXPO REAL Career Day to match experience with real opportunity. Whether it’s advice, guidance or simply information needed, we’ve got you covered.

Meet us at EXPO REAL

It goes without saying that we’re excited to connect personally with you. Please do stop by the Prologis booth, or make an appointment if there is someone you would specifically like to talk to.