Conceived as a cost-effective means to bring sustainable value to development, BREEAM helps investors, developers, design and construction teams, and occupiers make more efficient use of natural resources. BREEAM assesses the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development project against performance-based target benchmarks. BREEAM measures sustainable value in a number of categories, ranging from energy to ecology. Each assessed category addresses a range of factors, including design impact and carbon emissions, design durability and resilience, adaption to climate change, and ecological value and biodiversity protection. Within each category, developments earn points for meeting and exceeding benchmark targets. A project’s summed total determines its overall rating. Independent, licensed assessors conduct BREEAM assessments. They rate and accredit developments on a scale of “Pass,” “Good,” “Very Good,” “Excellent” and “Outstanding.”

Prologis strives to lead the industry in sustainable development with buildings designed to minimize waste, as well as energy and water use. Prologis has built more than 40 BREEAM-accredited warehouses in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2017 Prologis Park Prague-Rudna DC18 became the first logistics facility in the Czech Republic and only the second such building in Central and Eastern Europe to receive BREEAM “Outstanding” accreditation, the highest rating.