•    These valuations indicate material yield compression when compared to the gross valuation yield of 6.8% at year-end 2020
•    CTP now expects that yield compression by year-end 2021 on its entire portfolio is likely to be in excess of 50bps
•    The year-end 2021 valuations of CTP’s income producing portfolio will be positively impacted
•    Ongoing construction and acquisition activities are likely to result in CTP managing in excess of 7.7mln sqm  by year-end 2021

Richard Wilkinson, Deputy CEO and Group CFO of CTP N.V., said: “The increasing transaction volumes and accompanying accelerating yield compression in logistics/light industrial properties across CEE markets was clearly evident in our portfolio in the third quarter. This broader market trend will have a substantial positive effect on our valuations. While we will only formalise our valuation process for our full year 2021 financial statements, current material pricing evidence is such that we are providing guidance on the direction of reporting to the equity markets.”