One initiative through which we are protecting the environment, while making our parks healthier places to work, is the planting of trees at three of our locations in Hungary.

Tree planting has been taking place at Prologis Parks Gyál, M1-Páty and Sziget throughout March and April. Various different tree species have been ordered and planted at the parks, including Norway maples, red maples, hornbeams, and catalpas.

Planted in green spaces and by roadsides, the trees bring a splash of color while also making our parks more pleasant places to work. Meanwhile, each and every tree is also doing its bit to protect the environment.

“Every tree is precious. As such, we’re very proud to be planting so many at our Hungarian parks. They’re only young now, but soon they will grow into large and beautiful specimens bringing a new lease of life and vibrancy to these parks. Customers are delighted to see the trees being planted; they really do bring an unmatched element of positivity and wholesomeness to the parks,” said Szilvia​ Andrelli, Director, Real Estate & Customer Experience at Prologis.

The planting of trees is yet another element of Prologis’ activities falling within the company’s PARKlife™ initiative, which focuses on enhancing the wellbeing of those working at parks. Other PARKlife™ features include green relaxation spaces, car sharing systems and public transport infrastructure, bike shelters, electric car charging stations, solar power systems, and much more.

This Earth Day, we’re proud to look back on what we’ve achieved so far in 2022 to protect the planet and everyone working at our parks. Whether it’s planting trees to breathe life into our parks, creating spaces for people to relax and socialize, or innovating new ways to make logistics more sustainable, caring is… Made in Prologis.