•             Strong Group results with net profit of EUR 295.7 million

•             Successful crisis management leads to substantial improvement in results of operations by roughly 60% to EUR 180.4 million

•             Occupancy rate remains high at 94.1%

•             EPRA NTA per share increases by more than 10% to EUR 30.8

•             Portfolio expansion to roughly EUR 6 billion planned for 2022

•             FFO 1 before tax of more than EUR 135 million projected for 2022 – dividend payment targeted at approximately 70% of FFO 1


Q1-3 2021 in HUNGARY as of 30 September 2021
The IMMOFINANZ properties in Hungary represent 9.0% of the company’s total portfolio, including 23 properties with a carrying amount of EUR 453.1 million. The standing investment portfolio splits into 5 office buildings (6.2% of the total standing office portfolio) and 14 retail properties (11.5% of the total standing retail portfolio). The occupancy rate remained at a high level of 97.2%.