This well-frequented city logistic property is located in one of the fastest growing industrial areas at the Csepel Free Port near the M0 Bypass Motorway. Its advantage is that cargo vehicles do not affect residential areas, but the employees can easily access it by public transport. It is planned that with the development of the HÉV the passengers will be able to travel from the Csepel graveyard all the way to the Jászai Mari square, and also the widening of the Gubacsi Bridge and the planned Galvani Bridge will increase the attractiveness of the area among industrial real estate tenants.

„As it is apparent from JLL's 2017 and 2018 first Quarter reports, industrial real estate rental has achieved unprecedented results, so we are confident that we will find the right tenant candidates for DOCK warehouse and real estate development for the property owner. The increasingly popular location of Csepel offers a more complex logistic opportunity for logistics companies (rail and water transport), and now already more than 60 settled businesses provide services. Our industrial team has found new tenants for over 100,000 square meters in 2017, and we want to achieve this result this year as well, and the Masped's development can contribute to that." - added Roland Kis, Head of Industrial Leasing of JLL.