Panattoni Park Gorzów should be completed in November this year when it will comprise almost 70,000 sqm. The entire park is to be BREEAM certified at the ‘Very Good’ level, a standard that complies with both the developer’s requirements and those of Fiege.

Gorzów – a great place for international operations. Panattoni is close to completing the development of Panattoni Park Gorzów. The complex is currently being expanded by around 50,000 sqm to reach its final planned area of almost 70,000 sqm by November. Its superb location next to the S3 expressway is just an hour’s drive from the German border, which makes it even more attractive to firms with international operations. One such company is Fiege – a global logistics operator that has leased 11,000 sqm in a section of the park that is currently under development. At Panattoni Park Gorzów, the company will manage the logistics operations of one of its clients, which also has production facilities within the park. The location is ideal for goods to be delivered both to recipients in Poland and in the rest of Europe. Due to the kinds of operations that are to take place, the developer will, among other measures, increase the fire load of one of the buildings leased to over 4,000 MJ/sqm.

German logistics operator Fiege was established 150 years ago. It now has operations in 14 countries and provides specialised logistics services for a wide range of industries, including fashion, health media, production, multichannel retail and international electronic sales. The company employs almost 20,000 people worldwide and operates on 3.3 million sqm of warehousing space. In Poland, the company has a workforce of 7,000 and runs logistics operations over an area of around 500,000 sqm for many well-known clients. The Polish division is an important and rapidly expanding part of the Fiege Group.

Sustainable development represents a crucial aspect of Fiege’s philosophy – and one of the company’s centres in Germany has even been awarded a ‘Gold’ certificate from the Sustainable Building Council in Germany (DGNB). Panattoni is therefore the perfect partner for the company’s growth plans, since all its developments are designed to at least BREEAM ’Very Good’ specifications and the developer is also aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. At Panattoni Park Gorzów, Fiege will be able to employ a range of systems to reduce its water and energy consumption, while the building itself will be surrounded by green areas with environmentally-friendly outdoor furniture.

On this latest project for the logistics operator, Katarzyna Iwańska the Leasing Manager of Panattoni comments: “Fiege, due to the global reach of its operations, has an excellent overview of different markets and what is available on them. When looking for a new centre, the company knew exactly what it required, in terms of quality, technology and sustainability. Panattoni is able to deliver of all this, and on top of that we could offer an excellent location just under an hour from the German border, which was the ideal fit for Fiege’s international operations.”

Gorzów has been undergoing rapid growth and thus is increasingly attractive to business. Global companies and Polish firms with international ambitions appreciate its well-developed urban infrastructure, the unrivalled access to qualified labour, and above all its excellent location. Panattoni Park Gorzów benefits from all these advantages. The park is situated 7 km from the city centre, just off the S3 expressway, which runs between Szczecin and the A2 motorway. The complex is also only 150 km from Berlin, which gives it even greater importance for international operations.

Panattoni Park Gorzów will eventually be expanded to 69,000 sqm. Almost 19,000 sqm of this has already been built. The companies that presently operate in the park include Omnipack and Logoplaste. More tenants will be joining them this November when the entire complex is to be ready for use. Panattoni Park Gorzów will comprise two multi-tenant buildings tailored to meet individual needs with modules that can be flexibly arranged. The buildings will feature modern loading docks, ground-level gates and spacious offices that can be freely arranged. In line with Panattoni’s practices, the entire park is being developed to achieve BREEAM ‘Very Good’ certification.