With over 415 tenants employing over 60 000 people in a variety of industries, manufacturing, R&D, logistics, distribution and ecommerce across 8 countries.

“CTP is grateful to its long-term business partners, the communities, authorities, CTP´s long-term tenants and financial partners. CTP is looking forward to extending the portfolio whereby more than 60% of new projects are being developed for existing tenants. CTP see multiple opportunities in central European region, not only in capitals but also in regional cities, to develop full service business park with a combination of logistics, distribution and high-tech industries,” says Remon L. Vos, CEO CTP.

As part of a strategy to reach a goal of 10 million m2, the company has invested in and holds a substantial land bank for future growth, with enough land to support development up to 8 million m2.

“This is for us an important milestone, reflecting the success and attractiveness of the CTPark network across the CEE region. This achievement is built on the outstanding performance of our superior team of over 370 property professionals.” says Richard Wilkinson, CFO at CTP.

CTP is a commercial real estate developer and manager of high-tech business parks for leading international and domestic companies in 90 strategic locations. Its portfolio includes over 400 properties in sizes from 1 500 till 60 000 m2 units.