Mrs. Dumitrache is a Romanian native with extensive experience in real estate and finance. She built a successful carrier in banking with a long term focus on real estate. During her career, while she worked at the largest bank in Romania which was the primary underwriter of real estate finance in the country, she has acquired strong market knowledge, cooperating with top developers in CEE and becoming one of the most respected professionals in the industry in the country.

Mrs. Dumitrache will be responsible for funding, finance & accounting, focusing on business development in particular, and will support the overall operations of CTP in Romania. Her target within CTP will be to replicate her success in the banking industry, bringing strength and professionalism to the team, creating bridges with partners and supporting the dynamic growth of the company. She believes that a champion will always be a champion with the right support, and says her decision to join CTP in a new career was quite easy.