Reno Udvar

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1138 Budapest, Váci út 168.

Warehouse Rental Fee (m2 / month)

5 - 6 €/m2 + VAT

Service Charge: €1.50/m2/month

Available Warehouse Space:


Spatial Data
Warehouse Category: B category warehouses
Building Status: Exist
Warehouse Space in Total: 8.000 m2
Available Warehouse Space: Rented
Occupancy Rate: 100%
Financial Information
Warehouse Rental Fee : 5 - 6 €/m2/month + VAT
Service Charge: €1.50/m2/month
Min. Rental Period: 4 month
Financial Guarantee: 3 month
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Additional Info
Year of Construction: February 1, 1970
Year of Renovation: January 1, 2017
Eleven Park Játszóház (Magyarország legnagyobb beltéri játszóháza) Brendon Gyermekáruházak Mr. Sale Öltönyüzlet CARDO Matracáruház REGIO Játék Laser Force NOREP Sport Reno Grill Étterem Aranyablak Szinkron Digital Marczi Skate Redwood Táncstúdió Dragonfly Kft.

Building name: Rénóudvar

Warehouse space

Total space: 8000 m2
Rental cost: 5 - 6 €/m2/month

Office space

Total space: 8000 m2
Rental cost: 6.5 €/m2/month


  • Offices
  • Separate access for office staff
  • Meeting room
  • Manouvering area
  • Public transport on site
  • Restaurant
  • Recycling
  • Athletic facility
  • Showroom
  • Rest facility
  • Shower, locker room
  • Climate controlled
  • Online visibility
  • Commercial area

Technical parameters

  • Sprinkler system
  • Ventillation
  • Heating system
  • Fire protection
  • Water availability
  • Power supply
  • Security

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